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Need to improve wellbeing in your workplace? We’re here to help.

Work-life balance and general wellbeing in the workplace are no longer these ethereal fairy dust nice things to have. It’s pretty standard stuff. It doesn’t mean forcing your employees to eat whole foods and take regular yoga breaks, it just means looking after your employees.  

And of course, that isn’t just good for them – it’s good for your business too. If you can create a workplace where your employees feel physically and mentally healthy, you’re likely to see less staff absenteeism, increased productivity and a generally happier workplace.

If that isn’t enough to inspire creating a better workplace, here’s another – it’s the law. If you are an employer, workplace health and safety laws require you to look after your workers’ mental health just as you would physical health.

The law dictates you need to minimise risks to workers’ mental health, prevent discrimination based on mental health, protect the privacy and not take unfair action against workers because of a mental health condition.

So how can we help? Read on.


Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources

There are many excellent apps available, both free and paid, to assist with all aspects of physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace that you can offer to staff – or use yourself as a business owner. Here’s a shortlist.

Creating a Healthy Workplace

Creating wellbeing in the workplace doesn’t have to be hard – or take a lot of time and resources. Small activities carried out regularly accumulate over time into good habits and everyday practice.

1. Talk about it regularly

Encourage conversations about health and wellbeing, check in with staff about stress they may be experiencing, offer team activities that promote wellbeing and provide access to tools like the apps listed above to assist employees in managing their mental health and wellbeing.

2. Support mental health financially

Forget a gift card for hard work, why not consider paying for a subscription to a wellbeing app? There are many subscription-based apps that provide education about mental health and practical tools to change mental and emotional states. Check out Unwinding Anxiety, Headspace, Waking Up, Calm, Ten Percent Happier and Productive for starters.

3. Use HeadsUp as a guide

If we can do anything to help support you and creating well being in your office, please reach out.

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